Brussels Pony Club Membership

Brussels Pony Club

Released February 2019
Amsel 030

Brussels Pony Club Membership

Brussels Pony Club presents Membership, the debut Long Player for the Band and Amselcom as well.

Each track reflects a fragment of what makes up the human experience throughout its lifetime. Some of them offer questions on being, others a set of answers.

The title “Membership” implies that there exists an unwritten standard for one to belong. In reality, you can belong to the Brussels Pony Club just by being yourself. We appreciate simply the fact that you have been born, please come in and join us.

You are invited to open your mind and let go of judgements. Inside the club, there is a circle of all members’ subjectivity. The result is in various styles reminiscent of the past, built on contemporary technology of the electronic music scene. Brussels Pony Club hopes to transcend the listener from the past, into the present, through the future.

Chad Gordon illustrates the cult of Membership with a price worshipping crowd. However membership is free with Brussels Pony Club and your presence is much appreciated.