July 2016
Amsel 015

This time we travel from Switzerland to ancient Mesopotamia.

Our next Amselcom release „Babel“ by the Lucerne artist Bernstein tells a wonderful new story of the legend of the ancient city of Babylon.

With „Babel“ and „Spirited Away“ Bernstein built a massive construction of deep and organic sounds, that captivate through their slight oriental character combined with absolute coolness. Both tracks catch the crowd with deep synths and perfect harmonic arrangements.

While the track Babel describes a longing for a distant place, regardless of whether created by imagination or actually existent, Spirited Away focuses on the here and now, on the feelings of unity and the letting go.

The cherry on top of this EP is delivered by Hraach and Rafaele Castiglione who slowed things down with two interpretations of Babel and Spirited Away.
Enjoy this versatile journey to Babel.