Arutani Self Portrait Cover

Self Portrait

Released March 2019
Amsel 031

Arutani Self Portrait Cover

This series of musical and visual self-portraits explores death and transformation. Not only physical death but also psychological death, which is usually accompanied by fear and resistance.
In times of crisis and despair, we celebrate youth and look to overcome the many challenges posed by life itself. It is natural that we sometimes break down, due to the pressures of society, but fortunately we do stand up again, and create even greater art.

We speak of this process and the importance of ritual and creativity to deal with it. Arutani and Stefanie Langenhoven’s interpretation of fear unites both artists in this album. While we tend to imagine that our personalities are unique, most of us experience similar emotions, which unite us in essence. The artists want to evoke these emotions in you, to allow them to flow through you, and let your light shine brightly.
Do not fear eternity.

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