Apalis Duo - Sad Sad Christmas

Apalis Duo
Sad Sad Christmas

Released December 2018
Amsel 029

Apalis Duo - Sad Sad Christmas

Apalis Duo are questioning your Christmas party. You might have seen people going crazy in December and perhaps even your family was in panic about this seasonal event.
Illusions, illusions, illusions and big commercial interests.

What has happened to the fest of love, who sold it for the price of humanity? How can we enjoy something that is otherwise responsible for so much suffering? Especially in winter, when it’s cold and some of us are feeling numb and frozen, there should be a warming flame that holds us together and shows that we care.

Amselcom was touched by the beauty of this song after meeting with Apalis Duo, and together we are celebrating peace and love for as deeply as we have experienced the meaning of these words. But there is still so much to do, true compassion and caring is needed, please don’t stop sharing your love with the world and the people who need it. Always remember that joy multiplies when it is divided.

On the cover you see Ninoisy’s return into the world of paper abstracts, challenging your imagination once again.