Musical Artist

My name is Antaares, i am a musician from Mexico City.

The music i make speaks about balance and symmetry, trying to find the perfect mix of sounds to have a positive effect on you, the listener.

I almost never dedicated myself to playing music, rather I downloaded my first sequencer when I was 10 years old and began to experiment my whole life. I am currently 18 years old and I think I have just started my career as a producer and artist.

Currently I work in a music studio, where I am in charge of producing Hip Hop tracks and recording friends and singers from the Mexican scene.

Many people have described my music in different ways: sexy, elegant, minimalist, or from some places in Europe, but I think they are memories and old experiences that I had as a child that I am only decoding them in my way of making music.

My music is instrumental as of now, but i wold love to sing and put a verbal message into the songs.

They already transmit a message about what I think and feel every day.  It is not a message as such but rather it is a form of cognitive communication that my words will never be able to say. As a singer I would probably find a way to define with words what I do today with Synthesizers.

While my music doesn’t sound very latin, i feel a strong influence from the Mexican culture in my work. Being inspired by local parties and artists from my country. I think that poetry, music and all other art makes its way into my music.