Amselcom's Never Grow Old

Amselcom’s Never Grow Old
Mixed By Sun Drine

Released January 2019
Amsel NGO 001

Amselcom's Never Grow Old

How old do you have to get in order to feel adult?
At Amselcom we have grown 30 releases old and still feel newborn every day.
Just like this, these tracks stay young and fresh over time because we put our heart and soul into producing them.
In Simplicty lies Awakening – In Detail lies Love.

Listening to Sun Drine’s view on Amselcom made me close my eyes, soothed my soul and gave me a new perspective on the labels past. We share the same home in music and this is the beginning of a creative friendship and collaboration.
A home that keeps us young and hungry for positive resonance, the place we decided to spend the time of our lives.

Sema Özevin accompanies this release with her mystical feminine artwork. Signifying friendship and unity over distance in a troubled world.