Najesh & Artišoko

Amselcom’s Never Grow Old
Mixed By Najesh & Artišoko

Released March 2020
NGOA 002

Najesh & Artišoko

Harmony amongst people is often described as emotional and intellectual unison. Determined by communication we can realise the degree of harmony in our togetherness. Friendship and love are the highest goals of harmony. Feeling understood on several levels enforces the human bond and builds a layer of trust that leads us to a peaceful state of mind.

Likeminded people gather to celebrate a particular moment for the purpose of harmony. We see the electronic music movement as a form of expression that unites people in harmony. Everybody should have the chance to identify and align with this idea. The higher goal is to end conflicts and war, a mutual understanding is the first step to world peace and therefore a human right.

Whenever we feel a disharmonic relation, there is a chance of learning and improving the world. The inner conflict of disharmonic situations is driving us into emotional ways of thinking and acting.

The cover artwork “City Lights“ from Stephen Magsig has inspired us to dedicate this album to harmony and embrace all forms of it.