We start to premiere music on our Soundcloud now!

Labels and artists are invited to email their releases for a chance to get a premiere on our Soundcloud, Youtube & Instagram channel.
Send your private Soundcloud link via email and add the following infos:

  • Release date – This should be at least 4 weeks in advance
  • Premiere date – Can be on a tuesday and thursday
  • Catalog number – No problem if its your 001
  • Premiere text – This can be different from your release text
  • Cover image – Without text overlays – Please note that we will add a Text overlay to match with our visual identity in this series
  • Artist image – This is optional
  • Shop links – Bandcamp is our favorite outlet. Can be a fanlink as well
  • Artist links – Soundcloud, Instagram, Website, anything you want to link
  • Accounts on Soundcloud that will repost. Ask your friends and artists to repost this on the day of the premiere so we have the maximum reach.
  • The ISRC – this is very important
  • Ask your distribution to whitelist @amselcom for this track on Soundcloud & Youtube

Please collect all details and send them in one email.

We will post your music on Soundcloud. A Youtube premiere is optional and goes with an Instagram clip of the video.
As you know Amselcom, all genres are possible. Its about the musical idea and the artistic expression. However spiritual downtempo, slowmo and weird off genre stuff is preferred.

Labels & Artists

can apply, no matter if the release is commercial or free. Free tracks have to be provided via Bandcamp.
If you are an artist without a label, you can sell the track on Bandcamp or give it away for free. Selfmaster or automatic mastering is ok.

Premieres are free of cost

You can optionally book a sponsored post for any amount of money. This will boost our reach to people who might be interested in your music but have not subscribed to Amselcom. Get in touch if you want to know more about sponsored premieres.

We will put the same love and effort in premieres as we do with our own releases. Clear communication and reliability are most important for us. Your music is in good hands with Amselcom.

amselcom premiere logo
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Why Amselcom premieres?

As a music label we love to present new artists that we have discovered. This is a process that can take up to two years from the first demo to the release of the vinyl & download.  We work on several projects at the same time in order to be able to release every 5-6 weeks, but thats still a long time for us. The premieres are a way to present other labels we love and giving artists a chance that do all the work by themselfs. Its a logical step for us at Amselcom, we always enjoyed to repost other labels tracks and wanted to take this to the next level

Premieres History