Landing On A Planet

Released August 2016
Amsel 016

Music always had the magical power to connect people. With surprising facility it overcomes boundaries and distinctions and can create a strong alliance between people, no matter how different their backgrounds are.

2040 are Alessandro Izzo and Paolo Bubici, two guys who physically experience this phenomenon daily.

Alessandro is completely smitten with the essence of sound, the curiosity to create it and combine it with rhythmic elements. Paolo plays the drums and is struck by rhythm and the division of time; a passion that led him to explore different instruments and musical territories. Despite all this diversity, it was a similar taste in music that brought the two together and made them start 2040; a musical dialogue between two people, expressing to each other the different ways music impacts their lives.

“Landing On A Planet” marks the duo’s newest output to see the light of day via Amselcom. Two originals characterized by a distinct atmosphere of dreamy gloominess invite the listener into an unknown and wide open sound world. Victor Norman and Alexander Christian round out the EP and turn it into a unified experience of mesmerizing techno that is the perfect soundtrack for landing your space shuttle on an obscure and uncharted planet.

Stefan Farkas took a picture of this scene and it became the cover artwork for this Album.