September 24, 2013

Môme aka Bertrand Lacroix from France is a producer who started making music as early as 10 years old. With a background in New Beat, Acid, and Hip Hop, Bertrand has only recently started out as Môme after deejaying and running a record shop for a while. I ventured upon a journey in his musical catalogue and these are my findings.

Listening to his Dj mixes is like being on a rollercoaster through electro´s various genres. Môme’s command of multi-genre mixing is fantastic. The seamless flowing from tech house to outright psytrance on the Semper&Solum Podcast is so subtle you suddenly find yourself in a whole different region of electronica, without knowing quite how you got there. His mixes are diverse and fun, like being taken on a surprise journey. He has an ability to constantly stay fresh and exciting, even on his longer mixes– that is a testament to his skill in diversity and a great ear for mixing. I enjoyed listening to Môme´s sets and I will certainly revisit his small library of mixes and podcasts in the future.


Photo by Yodel

All of mômes fantastic mixes aside, Shoot em is where he shows his true colors as a house producer. His newest EP Yodler is great, hands down. As it pushes glorious, old-school house riffs to borderline repetitiveness, you can hear the undertones keeping it new and exciting as you go through the tracks. The good blend of instrumental and vocals sounds great and will have your head bobbing in no time, as the choppy samples over the bumpy garage beats has you wanting more.

Opposed to his latest EP, “For One Day” is harder and darker with a more industrial feel than what we have gotten from Môme in the past.
The drums are mixed in much more prominently, which gives it a slight Drum and Bass touch that blends perfectly with the deeper bassline. Especially in “Family Cooking” where the samples get’s faded in along with the more jungly sounding drums.
“For One Day“ is the story about haunted beats and sublime sounds that build upon each other with Môme’s typical ease. Gloomy soundscapes cover the down pitched vocals into a musical mist that is driven by clever grooves.


Photo by Tristan Vergnault

Môme has made a special mix for us showcasing his influences, starting off nicely with some acoustic tracks that has inspired him for a lifetime, before slowly merging into his favorite house track from Moodyman. This is môme’s essential 5.


Smog – Our Anniversary
This song has a special effect on me… I often listen to it before i start producing, it brings my senses to its maximum and it’s an important part of my daily routine.

Django Reinhardt – Tears
“Tears” is the song of my childhood. I used to listen to it on my fathers phonograph at 78 rpm, I enjoy listening to Django on rainy Sundays.

Blur – Out Of Time
I’m a big fan and have great respect for the work of Damon Albarn. The music video for this song is really fabulous too.

Billy Preston – Nothing from Nothing
This is my breakfast song. Cold milk with biscuits and this tune gets me up nicely in the morning.

Moodymann – J.A.N.
“J.A.N.” is synthesis of everything I like about techno and house music. What a track!



Title Artwork by Daniel Baretto

Môme Photo by Yodel

Môme b/w Photo by Tristan Vergnault

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